Teachings from Bear Heart

Here is the replay of my February 2, 2018 interview with Dr. Joel Ying on Living the Present Moment. We discussed teachings from Bear Heart, my Muskogee-Creek elder and co-author of The Wind Is My Mother; The Life and Teachings of a Native American Shaman. I hope you enjoy it.

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John Kralovec, author of Pathways to the Divine; One Man’s Journey Through the Shamanic Realm of the Ancient Maya will be interviewed by Dr. Ying this Friday, February 9, at 12:30 pm. Join the call by calling 641-715-3580. Once connected, use Access Code 481288

February 24-25, 2018, John Kralovec and I will be teaching a workshop on Spiritual Tools from the Ancient Maya Indians for Transforming Our Lives in Naples, Florida. Can you join us?

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  1. Maia

    Thank you for this, Molly! Much of it was familiar to me, through teachings I have received. Some gave more clarity, and some, a new perspective. I’m aware of spirit presence in the meadow behind my house, but had never considered Nature Spirits to be in every part of it. A new WOW! That being said, I personally have found singing to be a way of acknowledging. Once when I was tenting out there, I could hear something, and instinctively began singing. My thought: They have not been sung to in a long while. I sensed it to be appreciated. I will still be more diligent about leaving tobacco now! 🙂 Thanks again. Maia

    • Molly Larkin

      You are most welcome. Thank you for commenting. Singing to them! What a wonderful idea!!! I love it.

  2. vittorio toscani

    R I N G R A Z I O te Molly Larkin e Bear Heart per il libro IL VENTO È MIA MADRE !!



    vittorio toscani – via Baracca 32 43036 Fidenza ( PR ) italia

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