Why we should approach sleep as ceremony

sleep as ceremonyThere’s a lot of talk about sleep in the news lately:

  • why we need it,
  • how to get it,
  • how much do we need?
  • to nap or not to nap?

The advice even fills books, but there’s one important point I think has been overlooked:

We should be approaching sleep with the same respect and solemnity as we do ceremony!

The Truth About Cancer can save your life!

truth about cancerI’ve recently watched a documentary series that is brilliant – and can save your life. It’s called The Truth About Cancer.

In it, medical doctors and scientists present well-researched studies about the numerous holistic therapies that have successfully treated cancer – with or without chemotherapy.

We all have friends or family members who have succumbed to this disease. In fact, 21,000 people around the world die from cancer each day.

Why not get educated on the many alternative therapies that work and do not destroy the immune system the way chemotherapy does?

Or that can support the immune system while undergoing chemotherapy?

Did you know that cancer cells feed on sugar? Yet many cancer centers have bowls of candy available for their patients to eat. And oncologists rarely tell their patients to avoid sugar. How is that taking care of our health?

How to survive the loss of a loved one

survive loss of a loved oneLast month, one of my dearest friends died unexpectedly of a brain aneurism. Dealing with her death has been a roller coaster of emotions and a powerful lesson in how to survive the loss of a loved one.

I felt it would be worth sharing.

First, shock

I got a phone call on a Thursday afternoon that my friend Emmy had collapsed and was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

When I got the call, I drove immediately to the hospital, expecting to find Emmy sitting up in bed and that we would laugh at the false alarm surrounding her health.

What I found was something entirely different.

A team of doctors and nurses were surrounding her bed in the ER and I was asked to wait outside. Soon a nurse came out and explained that her family had been contacted and she was in serious condition; she also asked if I knew whether Emmy had a DNR [“do not resuscitate”] order.

“DNR?” I thought. “Why are they asking about a DNR? She’s going to be fine.” Denial, shock and disbelief will do that to you.

What is the difference between a healing and a cure?

healing and cureDid you know there’s a difference between a healing and a cure? And that understanding that can make a big difference in your health?

I address this and several other topics on health and spirituality in my 30-minute March 10 radio interview on the Hidden Wisdom radio show, hosted by Pandora Peoples.

Listen in and learn about:

  • how I began my spiritual journey
  • my apprenticeship to Muskogee Creek medicine man Bear Heart
  • breath work for health
  • Native American ceremony
  • how to release trauma

Here’s the link to the podcast: HIDDEN WISDOM WITH MOLLY LARKIN

The magic of a home altar

Would you like to jump-start your meditation practice? Or have an instant dose of serenity? A home altar might be just the thing to help you.

Many people may think of altars as something only found in a church, but they don’t have to be limited to that.

The right “place” can make all the difference to what you want to do.  How well could you work without an office? Or cook without a kitchen?

By the same token, we will benefit greatly from a designated place for our spiritual practice.

What is an altar?

Altars are built to hold focused energy, and help you to feel calm and centered when you approach them. It represents your intention to create more serenity, peace and love in your space and your life.